Human Resources

Folio 3. Service criteria

It is recommended that your service activities be documented under three main headings

This folio is limited to five pages.

They are:

  1. Academic Citizenship
  2. Professional leadership in the University
  3. Community leadership and service.

Service objectives

Statement of philosophy, goals and methods (which may include a statement of School expectations).

Academic citizenship

  • Demonstration of high standards of professional behaviour (as documented in the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct). You may wish to comment on your active participation in the life of the School through committee membership and other activities and/or contribution to student welfare.
  • Sustained contribution to the development of a collegial and supportive work environment. Outline your involvement, for example, in mentoring staff, fostering teamwork and taking on roles of responsibility such as OSH representative.
  • Any other activities.

Professional leadership in the University

  • Sustained contribution to University governance. Describe your participation/leadership within faculty and University committees and formal leadership roles.
  • Regular contribution to policy development. Outline, for example, your support for strategic and operational planning, leadership of academic program reviews and supporting the internationalisation of the University.

Community leadership and service

  • Sustained service to the discipline/professional at local, state, national or international levels. Outline any involvement in professional and/or learned societies, service on state, national or international bodies, development of collaborative relationships with industry and other organisations, honorary professional work, etc.
  • Community service through teaching. Describe any involvement in continuing education programs, in-service education and international education.
  • Community service through the sharing of academic expertise. This will be used by supervisors as direct supporting documentation. Describe any contribution to public debates and communicating scholarship to the wider public. As well as service on public boards and committees.
  • Any other activities.

Supporting documentation for academic citizenship, professional and community leadership could include the following:

  • Public recognition and awards (in the CV). You may wish to include letters of special invitation or commendation relating to your service contributions, statements from expert peers, community, government or industry partners and evidence of the outcome and quality of your involvement.
  • Invitations to public Boards and Committees.
  • Invitations to executive roles in professional associations.
  • Number and quality of international linkages.