Human Resources

Curriculum Vitae

It is likely that most detail about your academic career will be contained in the Curriculum Vitae (CV) which will change as your circumstances alter.

The standard CV will include:


(Your name)


Name of the qualifications, the institution from which they were obtained, and the year conferred.

Appointments and employment history

  • Prior employment
  • Appointment to the staff of this University
  • Subsequent appointments and promotions
  • Other positions (such as secondments)
  • Prior employment.

Prizes, awards and grants

  • For teaching, research and service contributions


  • Books, refereed articles, chapters in books, conference proceedings, conference papers, reviews or reports categorised appropriately. (The publications list should be presented in a way that makes clear both the nature and the date of the publication. It should also make clear which publications are refereed and/or invited.)
  • Provide full details of actual publications, citing first and last pages. Organise your research publications and other achievements under the headings used by the University in the evaluation of research output of Schools. Where publications have been co-authored, indicate the extent (including percentages) of your own contribution to the work.