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Processing via the Web

Further information

Processing via the Web is an application that has been developed to permit users to enter timesheets and extend contracts on Alesco.
  1. Allowances
  2. Contract Extension
  3. User and Quick Start Guides


This allowance entry application allows a two-step process of submitting and approving allowance entries into the Alesco payroll system.

Payments must be in accordance with the current General Staff Agreement, and that the payments are made in accordance with the Minimum Hours of Engagement (Schedule F, 6.1).


The Casual Contracts Extension allows schools & administrative business units to extend casual staff, who were current in the previous semester, via the Web.  New staff or staff not current in the previous semester will still need to be entered by Human Resources.

Once contracts have been extended via the web, departments must print out and fill in the relevant casual contract information.  The employee must sign the contract and be provided with a copy, one copy should be keep for school/administration records and one copy forwarded to HR Services.

User and Quick Guides

The new version of Processing via the Web has a new look, together with enhanced functionality. These guides provide full instructions on the available functions.

The following quick guides provide you with instructions on various functions within the new Processing via the Web.

Bulk Allowance Entry
View or Change Existing Batch
Copy an Existing Batch
Load Batch into Alesco
Allowance Reports
Select Employees
Delete Contract Extensions
Approve/Load into Alesco
View/Print Contracts