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For access or enquiries contact the TRIM Help Desk on 6488 3023 or email for help with:

You can access position documentation, including position descriptions, standard position descriptions and advertisements.

Getting started

You can get to the Standard Position Descriptions Search by clicking on the Trim WebDrawer image above. You will be presented with the WebDrawer Powersearch Page. Webdrawer can now only be used to access position documentation including position descriptions, standard position descriptions and advertisements.

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User guides

User guide [PDF, 690.1 KB]
Updated 1 Nov 2012

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Searching for position documentation

The way that position documentation is titled has now been changed to make searching easier for you to find the document you require. In most cases you will be able to find the document you are after by doing a title word search.

Searching by Title Word:

Position Descriptions ? Type any (or a combination of):

  • position title
  • position number
  • level (use a * after the level to make sure your search picks up split levels)

for example, administrative assistant 4*

Standard Position Descriptions ? Type ?standard? and any (or a combination) of:

  • position title
  • level

for example, standard administrative assistant

Advertisements ? type ?advertisement? and any (or a combination) of:

  • position title
  • position number
  • level

for example, advertisement 301632
or advertisement administrative assistant 4*

For instructions on more advanced searching see the HR Position Documentation in TRIM and Webdrawer for all UWA Staff user guide.

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Searching descriptors and terms

Search term Description and use Notes
Title Word Position Title  
Title Word Type of Document Choose from Position Description, Duty Statement, Selection Criteria or Advertisement
Title Word Position Number  
Title Word Level General positions are Level 1-10. Academic positions are Level A-E
Contact Department The section of the University to which the position belongs
Ref (enter for adverts only) Advertisement Number (not available from WebDrawer) Academic advertisements begin with "A". Internal advertisements begin with "I".
Position Category Position Category (not available from WebDrawer) Choose from Accounts, Academic, Administrative, Technical, Research, Other. Other includes Security and Child Care.
Date Created Date Approved  
Date Closed Date Closed Date an advertisement was closed

* You may use as many descriptors in the one search field, for example "Position Description Research Officer" to get all position descriptions for the research officer positions.

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Creating or revising position information

Completing the position description form

Do not change the width of columns. The completed template should be no longer than two pages and must include the position information of Title, Position number (if known), work area, Section/Unit, Level, and Position to which responsible.

General staff selection definitions and descriptors for levels are found at here.

Selection criteria for teaching and research academic positions are found at here


Please note that the Position Description must be certified by Employee Relations before the position may be advertised.

Position description forms should be submitted electronically to Classifications at least two weeks before you want them advertised.

Download existing standard position descriptions and selection criteria

Search for the required documents on TRIM or through WebDrawer. Open the document, and highlight the text (click the mouse at the top and drag to the bottom). Copy the text and then Paste into an appropriate file (for example, Word).

Position description template

Download the template.

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  • The Position Description search facility is available seven days a week from 7 am to 8 pm.

On some browsers, when you are in a Position Description search session and then you go to another website by either using your bookmarks/favourites, or by following a link embedded in an e-mail message, the new web site may be launched from within one of the Position Description search frames. Simply close your browser and try again.