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Jobs at UWA

End of Year advertising deadlines

For jobs submitted in December, please confirm dates with the Advertising Officer.


The University's aim is to recruit staff of the highest quality through internal and/or external advertising.

Deadlines apply for the lodging of advertisements for employment on both the HR website and external publciations.

  1. Human Resources webpage deadlines including other external webpages.
  2. Printed Media deadlines (West Australian, The Australian).
  3. Advertisements in other newspapers, please contact Advertising Officer.



Request to advertise: A request to advertise is to be submitted through eRecruitment.

Approvals: Should be obtained through eRecruitment electronically.

Webpage deadlines: Allow 3-5 working days before the approved acquisition is advertised on web based engines.

Printed media deadlines: Approved draft to be received 4 working days before it appears in newspapers. Please contact Advertising Officer for more details on exact time, as different newspapers have specified booking deadlines.

Where can we advertise:

  • Internal: UWA webpage.
  • Externally: UWA externally accessed webpages;, Seek, Unijobs, The Conversation (Academic positions only).
  • Printed media: The Australian (HES Wednesday supplement or Saturday general) and West Australian (Wednesday general employment section or Saturday general & professional)

Recommendation: Printed media is to be used selectively, and generally only apply to Chair, Dean and Executive appointments. If you wish to advertise positions below this, approval of the Head of Faculty/School should be sought as charges may apply.

Advertising costs: Vary depending on the advertising specifications.

Advertising format: Full advertisement or “mini ad” will include:

  • Position Title;
  • Salary level; and
  • The University logo and other creative visual elements of the advertising style.


Specific Requirements

Academic Staff positions
  • The selection criteria, draft advertisement and search plan (for academic staff positions of three years and over) must be uploaded to the eRecruitment Request to Advertise document folder.
Professional Staff positions
  • A position number for apprenticeships is to be obtained from ERMS-Classifications Officer.


Closing Dates

Please refer to the Advertising Policy for further information.

Academic Staff Appointments
  • Closing dates are usually four weeks.
Professional and General Staff Appointments
  • Closing dates are usually two weeks.
Changes to the Advertising Schedule
  • The advertising schedule may vary for Christmas and Easter to allow for holiday periods. Occasionally, other public holidays may affect the schedule depending on when they fall due.