Human Resources

Calendar 2022


2021 December
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
1 2 3payday 4 5
6payclose 7 8 9 10 11 12
13payclose 14 15 16 17payday 18school-holiday 19school-holiday
20school-holiday 21school-holiday 22uni-holiday school-holiday 23uni-holiday school-holiday 24uni-holiday school-holiday 25uni-holiday school-holiday 26uni-holiday school-holiday
27uni-holiday school-holiday 28uni-holiday school-holiday 29uni-holiday school-holiday 30uni-holiday leave-required school-holiday 31uni-holiday leave-required school-holiday payday

2022 January
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
31 1uni-holiday school-holiday 2uni-holiday school-holiday
3uni-holiday school-holiday 4uni-holiday leave-required school-holiday 5uni-holiday leave-required school-holiday 6school-holiday 7school-holiday 8school-holiday 9school-holiday
10school-holiday 11school-holiday 12school-holiday 13school-holiday 14school-holiday 15school-holiday 16school-holiday
17school-holiday 18school-holiday 19school-holiday 20school-holiday 21school-holiday 22school-holiday 23school-holiday
24school-holiday 25school-holiday 26school-holiday 27school-holiday 28school-holiday 29school-holiday 30school-holiday

University holiday
Annual leave required
UWA Open Day
WA school holiday
Pay day
Submission dates for timesheets
(electronic/hardcopy for following pay)

This calendar is no longer maintained. Staff should refer to the Staff Intranet calendar for relevant information.

UWA's Calendar provides semester and meeting dates, as well as University and public holidays.

The calendar is also available to be used with your Outlook calendar or your mobile devices. For instructions on setting this up please click here.

You can search for specific dates such as pay dates or holidays, or for dates specific to a school – for example, School of Education.

January 2022
Sat 1
Sun 2
Mon 3
Tue 4
  • UNIVERSITY HOLIDAY (annual leave required)
Wed 5
  • UNIVERSITY HOLIDAY (annual leave required)
Thu 6
Fri 7
Sat 8
Sun 9
Mon 10
Tue 11
Wed 12
Thu 13
Fri 14
Sat 15
Sun 16
Mon 17
Tue 18
Wed 19
Thu 20
Fri 21
Sat 22
Sun 23
Mon 24
Tue 25
Wed 26
Thu 27
Fri 28
Sat 29
Sun 30
Mon 31