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Not filing a tax file number declaration form has some significant implications.

If you do not submit the form to Human Resources before we process your first salary payment, the University of Western Australia is required by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to tax employees at the highest marginal tax rate (49%).

Your salary payments will continue to be taxed at the top marginal rate until we receive your TFN declaration form.

Relocating to Australia

If you are relocating to Australia and do not have an existing Australian Tax File Number, you will only be able to apply for a TFN online once you have arrived onshore. You can apply for this online on the ATO website.

Tax File Number not yet issued

Where you have applied for a TFN but have not yet been issued with a Tax File Number, you should still complete the TFN declaration form and indicate (on question 1) that you have made an application to the ATO for a new TFN.

Tax File Number Declaration form

TFN Declaration Form