Human Resources

Human Resources

We provide advice and support to staff and managers on pay and benefits, leave, career development, equity, diversity, recruitment, selection, health and safety.


Working at UWA


Forms that cover most personnel matters at UWA can be accessed by category or by a A to Z listing.

Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

All staff and students at UWA are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the principles, values, and behaviours within these codes.

Recruitment and selection

HR provides comprehensive recruitment and selection tools including process maps describing every stage from workforce planning to appointment.

Development and appraisal reviews

All staff of the University participate in professional development and performance appraisal reviews. An important strategy to achieve both staff and the University's goals is for staff to undertake regular reviews.  

Interfaith calendar

The University has an Interfaith Calendar which details the key dates for the major religious groups on campus.

The calendar will assist those staff required to have an understanding of the cultural and religious obligations of staff and students, especially when these involve an application for cultural or religious leave, deferred exams or alternative arrangements.


Workshops and programs

UWA provides a variety of workshops to support staff in all areas of professional development. Programs that provide more extended exploration of leadership or career management strategies are also offered on a competitive or invitational basis.

What can I authorise?

Delegations relating to the management of University employees.

Salary scales

Salaries at the University of Western Australia are paid in accordance with Schedule A of the respective Staff Agreements.

Salary scales:

Key dates

Staff agreements and Enterprise Bargaining

The majority of employment conditions at the University are currently regulated by Collective Workplace Agreements (CAs). These agreements are negotiated between the University, employees and the relevant Unions through Enterprise Bargaining.

There are four CAs in operation at the University:

Employee Benefits and Wellbeing Expo
Development and appraisal reviews


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