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Getting to Grips with Grammar and Punctuation

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John Harman, external consultant 

Although good grammar and punctuation are essential, many people who are responsible for creating clear, concise documents and emails feel unsure about the rules.

Workshop purpose and scope

Intended audience:
Anyone who wishes to have a refresher and/or improve their English grammar & punctuation skills.
Workshop description:
This interactive, PowerPoint based workshop covers all the basics of both grammar and punctuation in a manner that enables those attending to come away with a much better understanding and working knowledge of the essentials. What’s more, quite a few participants have even enjoyed it.
Intended outcomes:
By the end of the workshop, you’ll know how to:
  • The components of a sentence: the independent clause; the dependent clause; the phrase… and how they are linked
  • The propositional content of sentences
  • The elements of a sentence: case; number; person; tense; voice
  • Sentence structure
  • Getting all the elements in a sentence to agree
  • All punctuation marks, from the apostrophe to the question mark, their use and misuse
  • The common confusables such as: which/that; who/whom; lay/lie and many others.
Key activities:
  • More than 30 elements of common grammar usage illustrated and explained.
  • The use of 14 punctuation marks also illustrated and explained along with more than 20 practical, self-assessment exercises in grammar and punctuation requiring you to fix up poor grammar and punctuation.
  • Group discussions and questions and a 38-page workbook to take away as a memory jogger