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3 hours


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Workshop purpose and scope

Intended audience:
Any staff member or student who wishes to better understand the issues and needs of LGBTI staff and students, and is willing to consider becoming an ALLY.
Workshop description:
The workshop aims to raise participant awareness of the life experience, issues and needs of LGBTI staff and students with a particular focus on campus and work or study experiences. Participants who complete the workshop can elect to become part of the ALLY Network.
Intended outcomes:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • develop a better understanding of LGBTI people, issues and cultures
  • reflect upon your own behaviour, sensitivities and understanding in relation to LGBTI people
  • explore the process of becoming an ALLY
  • become familiar with practical issues concerning the Ally Network and how it works and the role of an ALLY
Key activities:
Group and individual exercises, video clips, role plays, panel of members from the LGBTI community.