Human Resources

Equal opportunity, diversity and discrimination: Managers and supervisors

Further information

This course assists managers and supervisers to consolidate their understanding of equal opportunity and diversity responsibilities in the contemporary workplace and education environment.

The workshop can be customised to meet specific needs or to address particular issues such as gender equity, race, intercultural communication, sexual diversity, disability awareness, workplace harassment and bullying, flexible work practices and improving work and life balance.

Workshop purpose and scope

Intended audience:
UWA managers and supervisers.
Workshop description:
The training places legal obligations within the UWA policy framework and helps you to understand UWA's 'good practice' response to issues such as unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation. You will develop your understanding of the proactive steps UWA expects managers to take to ensure issues of discrimination and harassment are neither condoned nor left unresolved.
Intended outcomes:
Though the session, you will:
  • better understand your legal obligations and UWA policy expectations as a manager
  • explore the two key concepts and processes of 'unconscious bias' and 'privilege' and how these interact with legislation and policy
  • obtain greater clarity around the nature, manifestation and implications of workplace bullying and harassment
  • examine key diversity factors (gender, sexual diversity, race and disability), and their interaction with the policy and legislative environment
  • develop further skills that facilitate an inclusive campus culture and ensure that issues of harassment and discrimination are appropriately addressed
Key activities:
Theoretical presentation as well as interactive group exercises where you can apply your knowledge in a practical setting.