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Equity and Diversity Advisers located in each faculty and some administrative areas provide the first point of contact for individuals on a wide range of equity and diversity matters.

  1. Strategic advice
  2. Equity and diversity advisers
  3. Workshops and staff development

Strategic advice

The Equity and Diversity office provides advice and assistance on strategic equity and diversity matters to senior staff, supervisors, and individuals as well as the Guild of Undergraduates and University colleges.

The office assists senior administrators to identify gaps in policy, service provision, and operational processes. It also provides advice and assistance to Deans, Heads of School and sections managers to integrate equity and diversity considerations into faculty, school, and divisional strategic planning processes.

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Equity and diversity advisers

Advisers provide an informed and confidential source of advice and assistance to any member of the UWA community who has a query or concern regarding an equity or diversity matter.

The concern may relate to the workplace, teaching and learning environment or another aspect of the University’s operations. Initial enquiries about possible instances of discrimination or harassment also should be made to an equity and diversity adviser:

Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts
Christopher Vernon
Asian Studies
Tomoko Nakamatsu
Business School
Jacquie Hutchinson
Centre for English Language Teaching
Louisa Chawhan
Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture
Greg Madson
Chief Operating Office
Annette Black
Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering
Nicole Jones
Sanna Peden
English and Cultural Studies
Tanya Dalziell
Law School
Stella Tarrant
Medicine and Pharmacology
Vimal Kapoor
Student Services
Judy Skene
University Club of Western Australia
Alexis Catelli
University Hall
Chris Massey

Information on recruitment, selection, and appointment of advisers.

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Workshops and staff development

Workshops and staff development sessions can be customised for a particular work area or group.

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