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Through grants, strategies and workshops the University promotes equity and cultural diversity.

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Grants and funding

The Equity and Diversity office offers grants annually through UWA's Diversity Initiatives Fund to recognise and acknowledge UWA schools and staff who have made significant contributions to students and staff in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusivity.

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Over many years UWA has been recognised for its achievements in making the campus more inclusive for a diverse range of staff and students.

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Achievement relative to opportunity

In contemporary universities, the traditional norm of full-time work and an uninterrupted linear career trajectory no longer matches the profile of many staff. The principle of achievement relative to opportunity (AR20) in employment and performance-related decision making provides the opportunity to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains the best staff with a diversity of characteristics, employment arrangements and career histories. University Policy on: Achievement Relative to Opportunity

Pay equity gap

The gender pay gap is the difference between the average salaries of men and women. The biennial Pay Equity Report examines the total remuneration of employees, including allowances and bonuses. The report is presented to the Equity and Diversity Committee of the University and used in annual Equal Employment Opportunity and Employer of Choice for Women reporting.  UWA's second pay equity audit was completed in early 2012. On 6 December 2012, the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999 (EOWW Act) was replaced by the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Act). A new reporting and complaince framework was introduced by the Worplace Gender Equality Agency in 2013.

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Workshops and programs

Courageous Conversations About Race

UWA's Courageous Conversations about Race Program has been extended to eleven universities. The program aims to deepen and sustain engagement around issues of race and cultural competence in various facets of University life including teaching and learning, employment, student services and accommodation.

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Plans and strategies

Inclusive Campus Culture (ICC)

The Inclusive Campus Culture strategy is based on the understanding that people work best in a setting marked by mutual respect, personal dignity and support which utilises their skills and abilities, and encourages further learning. The central focus is on UWA as a 'great place to work', employing a proactive model that generates an inclusive workplace culture where negative behaviours are addressed and resolved before they escalate.

Campus access and mobility

The University is committed to ensuring that the experience of people with a disability, whether they are staff, students or visitors, is similar to that experienced by the University community as a whole, and that staff and students with a disability enjoy success in the same measure as their peers.

The UWA Disability Access and Inclusion Action Plan encourages an environment of equal opportunity, appropriate access and support. In implementing the plan, the University is taking clear steps towards continuous improvement, universal design and the philosophy of mainstreaming. 

Gender and sexuality agenda

Equity and Diversity has been reinvigorating UWA’s Gender and Sexual Diversity Agenda by establishing an ALLY Network  for gender and sexually diverse staff and assessing staff and student attitudes to such issues.

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