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Put simply, workforce planning is about having the right people in the right job at the right time (and at the right cost).

Workforce planning involves looking at the current workforce and forecasting future needs based on strategic and operational priorities. By developing and implementing action plans to address issues identified, there is greater ability to achieve the desired workforce. Monitoring the outcomes is also a key element of workforce planning, enabling plans to be modified in response to changes.

Workforce planning is more than calculating required headcount or salary forecasts. It also focuses on supply and demand for specific knowledge, expertise and skills. Knowing and monitoring key HR metrics such as voluntary staff turnover and staffing mix assist in developing workforce plans.


University-Wide Workforce Planning Activities

Retirement Intentions Survey 2013

During September and October 2013, an on-line survey was conducted of University staff aged 50 and above to gain a better understanding of their retirement plans and the factors influencing those plans. Details on the outcomes of the survey can be found here.

From survey feedback, the following actions are underway:

  • Expanded information for staff considering retirement (visit the Retirement page)
  • Investigation of initiatives to support staff in developing retirement plans
  • Exploration of programs to support people leaders/managers in productively managing a mature aged workforce in a supportive environment

Talent Management and Succession Planning

Talent identification and succession planning processes are currently in development and will supplement existing professional and performance development processes.

Faculties, Offices, Schools and Departments interested in trialling and contributing to the further development of these processes are currently being sought. Contact Emma Badminton, Workforce Planner in Human Resources to express your interest.


Workforce Planning - An Approach for Faculties, Schools and Business Units

The Workforce Planning process map takes you through all the aspects to consider in developing a long-term workforce plan. For additional support and resources, contact Emma Badminton, Workforce Planner in Human Resources.


Pre-retirement contracts : Supporting effective workforce planning

Planning for retirement through a pre-retirement contract offers benefits for both departing staff and the University. By commiting to a pre-determined retirement date, employees and managers can effectively plan for an individual's transition into retirement and ensure sufficient time to undertake activities such as mentoring, knowledge transfer and succession planning.

Under the policy, the University at its discretion will consider offering pre-retirement fixed-term employment through a contract to an employee or agree to an employee's request to convert to pre-retirement fixed-term employment.

A process map outlines how such a contract is created and negotiated.

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