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Research staff promotion procedures

A member of academic staff seeking promotion to Level E (Research) will be expected to have demonstrated exceptionally distinguished research achievements and will normally be recognised as an eminent international authority in the discipline.

Applicants will be required to show evidence of sustained, substantial and exceptional research and scholarship (or other creative work, in case of appointments in the Arts).

Where academic staff seeking promotion have fractional appointments, the University expects the same level and quality of achievements and recognition as full time academic staff. In terms of quantity of output, such as teaching load, research publications and service, the expectation is of at least pro-rata output consistent with the level of achievement required for promotion.

The Academic Promotions Committee will give due consideration to matters such as fractional or joint appointments and interrupted careers (perhaps due to caring responsibilities or illness) and differing opportunities for research output by comparing rates of achievement rather than total aggregates. Applicants must advise the Committee of these circumstances.

Assessing an application

When assessing an application the Committee will take account of an applicant's entire body of work, with a particular focus on the achievements since their last promotion.

The requirements could be demonstrated in a number of ways including:

  • publication in refereed journals, books, performances and other scholarly works, invitations to present keynote addresses at international meetings, write chapters in international books, election to learned academies and other recognition such as awards, prizes and honorary degrees
  • fostering the research of other groups and individuals in the School, and related disciplines
  • successful supervision of Postgraduate students and willingness to supervise major Honours or Postgraduate research projects
  • experience in the development of research policy

Research performance indicative of international eminence on indicators 1 and 2 is essential. Outstanding performance on other indicators is supportive but not essential.

  1. Publication in refereed journals or series or by publishers recognised as leaders in the field.
  2. High ratings of the publications and other research or creative work as attested (where appropriate) by citations indices, by references in published literature which cite the applicant’s work as definitive or in letters from distinguished scholars or critics in the field (a substantial number of whom must come from outside The University of Western Australia).
  3. Favourable published reviews of the publications or creative works.
  4. Awards by professional associations for outstanding research or creative work.
  5. Invitations to positions, lectures or demonstrations at outstanding institutions or leading professional conferences.
  6. Grants based on competitive jury recommendations.
  7. Research leadership, as evidenced by team achievements or, with suitable justifications, citations indices.
  8. Breadth of expertise.
  9. Any other clear evidence of exceptional contribution to the chosen field.

Consideration will also be given to teaching and service, for example:

  • teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students, including supervision of honours and postgraduate research projects. This should be adequately documented.
  • other contributions which involve service to the University or professional work for the community, such as participation in Committees and contributions to policy development and
  • the ability to encourage and foster the work of others.

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