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Access to Alesco is granted to those members of University staff whose duties require access to personnel/payroll data of staff in their department/faculty.

Any application must be endorsed by the relevant Head of Department or Executive Dean before it can be considered by HR. Applicants must also have an Admin Network Account prior to access being made available.

Alesco access form

Alesco access form [PDF, 56.1 KB]
Updated 22 Apr 2015

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Web browser support for Alesco

The vendor of the Alesco software (Talent2 Works) recommends the following browser/Java combinations:

Windows 7/Java Plug-in (JRE)* version 1.7.0_40+: IE10, IE11, Firefox 32

Mac OS X/Java Plug-in (JRE)* version 1.7.0_04+: Safari 4

HR have successfully tested and recommend the following browser/Java combinations:

Windows 7/Java Plug-in (JRE)* version 1.7.0_72: IE10, IE11, Firefox 32, Chrome 41

Mac OS X/Java Plug-in (JRE)* version 1.7.0_51: Safari 5, Firefox 32

*If prompted, you should opt to 'Run' the application and choose 'No' if asked to block potentially unsafe components.

Further technical information is available at Alesco Version 13 Information.

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Alesco HRM system password guide

Every 60 days, Alesco asks you to change your password. It does this by displaying the password change screen after you sucessfully login. Your password should be at least 6 characters long (and no more than 15) and must only consist of alphanumeric characters (A to Z and 0 to 9) and the first character of your password must be an alpha (that is, A-Z)

Access to Alesco is conditional on you holding an account on the Administration Systems. This account also requires you to regularly change your password, however the Admin Systems will e-mail you a few days prior to your password expiring. It is always a good idea to change this password prior to it expiring.

If you forget your Alesco password, contact the HR Help Desk on (+61 8) 6488 7896, and we will assist you.

It is important to note that your Alesco password is a completely different password to your Admin System password. Changing one password does not affect the other. You may, of course, choose to use the same password on both systems for convenience.

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